Darina Farrell
Born in Ireland and grew up on a farm in Moydow, Co. Longford. Graduated with a B. Ed. in '92 and have been happily working my way around the world ever since. St. Gallen, Switzerland is my present port of call. Met Kurt in China and it's he who's responsible for giving me the bike bug. Many mountain passes later... I'm still smiling! This site documents our numerous ganders on the bikes since 2002. Enjoy!
Kurt Baehler
Born and raised in Switzerland. Did an apprenticeship as a lab. assistant and soon developed a taste for leaving the country. Travelled Europe, Asia and Australia, before hopping on a bike for 3.5 years to see Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Yes, I do take the blame for  Darina's bike bug, but I also carry the bulk of the luggage. Once she is faster than me, I'll be packing bricks in her panniers!